Three-Month Recap: 2024 March Healthcare Classic

It is hard to believe that it has already been three months since the conclusion of this year’s March Healthcare...

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Six-Month Recap: 2023 March Healthcare Classic

As we enter Quarter 4, it’s time for a fresh analysis of how the top trends from the 2023 March...

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Three-Month Recap: 2023 March Healthcare Classic

It’s already time for the three-month March Healthcare Classic recap, where we evaluate how the top four trends are impacting...

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Round 4 & Final Results: Pessimism v. Optimism  

Welcome to the finals! We are down to the Top Four remaining contenders in this tournament:  Cost Cutting Strategies –...

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Round of 8 Results: Are Trends Defined by the Headlines?

In showdowns of the final eight players, one thing is certain: Our Selection Committee consistently favors the most urgent demands...

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Round of 16 Results: The Field Narrows, Keeps Focus on Short-Term Challenges

With 16 players eliminated from the field, the matchups have become even more interesting in Round 2. Selection Committee Members...

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Round of 32 Results: Trends with Urgency Beat the Long Game Players

The March Healthcare Classic is underway, and already, we’re shocked!  Round 1 saw the elimination of every number seven and...

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Healthcare Economy Round of 32 Results: The Ripped Region Takes Center Court

One upset and a complaint against the Commissioners’ seeding highlighted this first round in the Healthcare Economy region. Financial trends...

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Purchasers Round of 32 Results: All Eyes on Pricing and Spending

The theme of economic urgency continues to play out in Round 1 in the Purchasers region, where the trends focused...

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Clinical & Business Model Round of 32 Results: Standing With the Devil We Know

No surprises here, as all four top-seeded trends overpowered their rivals to continue on to Round 2. The overall theme...

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Digital Tools & Technology Round of 32 Results: Where High Tech Meets the Bottom Line

In a region defined by trends that aren’t based in finance, we continue to see a domination of those that...

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Meet the Healthcare Economy Region: A Dangerous Corner of the Bracket

The Healthcare Economy is arguably the strongest region in this year’s tournament in terms of what’s impacting healthcare daily and...

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“I am proud to be working with ro3 as together, we tackle the toughest problems in our industry, including the transformation from volume to value. My thirty years on the faculty at Jefferson have given me a longitudinal perspective and insights that I can bring to many organizational challenges. As a physician leader for decades, I empathize with those in leadership roles and can offer support and encouragement as well.”

David B. Nash, MD, MBA
Founding Dean Emeritus of the Jefferson College of Population Health, Dr Raymond C. & Doris N. Grandon Professor of Health Policy

ro3’s annual March Healthcare Classic

ro3’s annual March Healthcare Classic compares the year’s most impactful healthcare trends as they face off in a competitive bracket to reveal what industry trends reign supreme.

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