strategy + transformation

“Strategy” is one of the most often overused words in business today, not just in healthcare. Its meaning to one person or organization can be entirely different from another. At its core, strategy is about moving from where you stand today, to where you want to stand tomorrow, acknowledging that consistent, dynamic movement, not stagnation, best achieves that hoped-for future position.


operations + execution

How well an organization defines and integrates its people, process and technology requirements may well determine those that meet their hoped-for outcomes and those that do not. Therefore, embracing the symbiotic nature of operations and execution underpins the very fabric of success that must be woven throughout an organization, no matter their size.

what our clients say

“The Leapfrog Group has enjoyed a longstanding, productive relationship with Josh Berlin and Ben Choi, which now includes a partnership with their unique advisory firm, rule of three, LLC. We continue to find that their brand of advisory work is distinctive in healthcare today, supporting an industry in great need of a more personalized, informed touch in bridging the gap from a strategic perspective to operational success.”

Missy Danforth, Vice President, Healthcare Ratings
The Leapfrong Group

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