The field has been narrowed down to the Top Four as we rapidly close in on the 2022 champion. Take a look into our latest meeting to learn more about the Selection Committee’s insight into the matchups. Check out the Top Four bracket here.  

General Trends Region

In the General Trends region, after taking down (5) Health Equity, the darling of the LinkedIn Community (36% of the votes), (1) Private Equity Funding faced (14) Workforce Challenges for a spot in the Top Four bracket. Ultimately, (14) Workforce Challenges continued its winning streak, with a unanimous vote from the Selection Committee. (5) Health Equity, the Community pick, does not yet have the firepower to compete with the elite trends in the industry. With regards to the Community pick, one Selection Committee Member said, “I think it’s reflective of a lot of cultural angst, but that’s all it is.” Another Committee Member aligned with this statement, saying “I would agree with that. [Health Equity] is part of the bigger conversations, even outside of health.” 

Care Delivery Region

In the Care Delivery region, (14) Omnichannel Care and (1) Advanced Primary Care went head-to-head. While 29% of the Community ranked (1) Advanced Primary Care as their top pick, the Selection Committee chose (14) Omnichannel Care as the victor by a 4-1 margin. One Committee Member weighed in, “I think it’s not clear what [Omnichannel] means. It’s a confusing term. It’s interpretable in any number of ways, so I’m not surprised.” The Moderators and the Selection Committee also noted that many of the Community’s selections – (1) Advanced Primary Care, (6) Virtual Care, (8) Behavioral Health, (2) Whole Person Care, and (12) Hospital at Home – are all components of (14) Omnichannel Care. 

Business Model Innovation Region

(1) Medicare Advantage competed against the 2021 runner-up, (3) Payvider in the Business Model Innovation region. In the end, (1) Medicare Advantage was the pick, taking down (3) Payvider with a 3-2 vote from the Selection Committee. One Committee Member noted, “I’m happy to see Medicare Advantage get this far.” Another Committee Member analyzed the Community’s picks, with the top choice being (1) Medicare Advantage at 14% of the votes. (1) Medicare Advantage was closely followed by (2) ACOs at 12%, (5) Shared Savings at 10%, and (8) Direct to Employer at 10%. “If you take out Direct to Consumer, those are all very aligned. Three quarters of [the votes] are all about changing the business model to risk.” 

Data & Technology Region

Rounding out the bracket, (1) Platform competed against (11) Remote Patient Monitoring in the Data & Technology region. (1) Platform proved to be a strong holdover trend, securing a spot in the Top Four bracket for the second consecutive year. While (1) Platform secured the win, the Selection Committee also noted that it’s an ambiguous term. One Committee Member stated, “Platform is critical, but to me, it’s a generic characteristic.” How will it fare as it competes against (1) Medicare Advantage in the Top Four bracket? 

Looking ahead, the Top Four bracket is positioned to be a fierce competition with two 1 seeds and two 14 seeds facing off: (14) Workforce Challenges vs. (14) Omnichannel Care and (1) Medicare Advantage vs. (1) Platform. As we close in on the final rounds of the 2022 March Healthcare Classic, which trend will outperform the rest? Join the conversation over on LinkedIn!

This is commentary from our 2022 March Healthcare Classic. Explore this year’s interactive bracket to see the most impactful healthcare trends face off.