The March Healthcare Classic is underway, and already, we’re shocked! 

Round 1 saw the elimination of every number seven and number eight seed in the competition, leaving us with no true Cinderellas to root for. Rookie and return teams both are having a strong showing, with an overall emphasis on short-term demands over long-term planning and investing. As the world continues to navigate through echoes and ripples of the pandemic, priorities have shifted, and the Selection Committee pointed out repeatedly how much more reactive than proactive the healthcare industry will have to be in 2023.

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Take a look at all 16 matchups by region to learn how each winner came out on top:

  • Healthcare Economy 
  • Purchasers
  • Clinical & Business Model
  • Digital Tools & Technology

Which trends do you think will shape the industry in 2023? 

This is commentary from our 2023 March Healthcare Classic. Explore this year’s interactive bracket to see the most impactful healthcare trends face off.