Transforming healthcare quality and safety competencies, the relationship will allow access to scalable workforce development programs

Chicago, IL (February 16, 2021) – Today, the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) and rule of three, LLC (ro3) are pleased to announce a strategic alliance that will ensure the industry has access to scalable workforce development programs centered on quality and safety competencies. Given the dynamic pace of change in the industry, healthcare organizations are realizing that workforce readiness is critical to finally delivering on the promise of high-value, high-quality care that provides equitable outcomes for all. The effort will coalesce extensive skills in healthcare quality competency development via NAHQ’s twice-validated, industry standard Healthcare Quality Competency Framework, and ro3’s distinctive healthcare advisory services, catering to a diverse client portfolio’s strategic and operational needs as they evolve and adapt.

“After more than four decades spent advancing the competency of individual professionals through the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality certification, NAHQ is proud to extend our industry-standard work on healthcare quality competencies and competency-based training to healthcare organizations at-scale to accelerate their quality and safety progress,” said Stephanie Mercado NAHQ’s CEO and Executive Director. “Our development of the Workforce Accelerator and close collaboration with ro3 will allow us to help healthcare organizations of all sizes transform their workforce into a quality force.”

Josh Berlin, ro3 CEO, commented, “Healthcare is starved for true change and innovation, but doing so at the quality professional level is all too often overlooked. The next logical step in the evolution of NAHQ was to enable quality workforce competency development by bringing to market an organization-wide solution that accelerates upskilling from one person at a time to one enterprise at a time. As NAHQ eyes transforming the quality agenda at-scale, we’ve embraced a close alignment to their mission and are excited to bring a set of complementary advisory services that will bolster our mutual client success.”

The Workforce Accelerator is NAHQ’s solution for healthcare organizations that desire to achieve faster, better results from their quality efforts by proactively approaching workforce upskilling through the lens of developing their healthcare quality competencies and skills. NAHQ plans to launch the Workforce Accelerator Beta later this year. Interested organizations should contact:

Scott Woodard, Director of Workforce Solutions
[email protected]