Thanks to those that submitted their picks for this year’s final four trends. As we inch closer to cutting down the nets, let’s look at which trends are most popular amongst the Community and see how they have fared thus far.

General Trends Region 

In General Trends, the Community believes (5) Health Equity has the best chance of making it out of the Region, garnering 36% of votes. 

Early Cinderella pick (14) Workforce Challenges landed 14% of votes, enough to be the second most popular trend in this Region. Positioning itself as a strong contender in the eyes of the Selection Committee, (14) Workforce Challenges landed 4 out of 5 votes from the Committee Members in Round 2. Will this trend be a bracket buster? 

Next, (1) Private Equity Funding secured 12% of votes in third place. As (5) Health Equity and (1) Private Equity Funding face off in the Round of 16 bracket, which trend will come out on top and land a spot in the Round of 8? (2) Affordability and (6) Patient Experience both secured 10% of votes as runner-ups. However, (2) Affordability lost its matchup in Round 1 and (6) Patient Experience bowed out of the tournament in Round 2.  

Care Delivery Region 

The majority of Community members believe (1) Advanced Primary Care is primed for a deep run through the Care Delivery Region. While (1) Advanced Primary Care received a unanimous vote from the Selection Committee in Round 1, it faced a much tougher matchup in Round 2, prevailing by a narrow 3-2 nod from the Selection Committee and knocking off (8) Behavioral Health (3rd most popular with the Committee). How will (1) Advanced Primary care fare as it competes against (12) Hospital at Home (fifth most popular in the Community submission) in the Round of 16? 

While the Community ranked (6) Virtual Care as a strong second, the Selection Committee felt differently, as it was upset by (11) Digital Care in Round 1. (2) Whole Person Care landed a spot in Round 2, but was defeated by (7) Physician Employment and did not proceed to the Round of 16 bracket. 

Business Model Innovation Region 

The Business Model Innovation Region featured the most competition for the top spot in the Community’s eyes. (1) Medicare Advantage landed 14% of votes within the Community submissions. How will it fare as it competes against (13) Population Risk in the Round of 16 bracket? While (9) Direct to Consumer ranked as a close second among the participants, it was defeated by (8) Direct to Employer in Round 1. Finally, (2) ACOs tied with (9) Direct to Consumer, also securing 12% of votes. (15) RBEs took the lead in Round 1, knocking (2) ACOs out of the competition. 


(8) Direct to Employer and (5) Shared Savings were popular picks in this Region, both receiving a total of 10% of votes from the participants – however, (5) Shared Savings was shut-out in Round 1 according to the Selection Committee, and (8) Direct to Employer bowed out in Round 2.

Data & Technology Region 

Rounding out the bracket, (14) Total Cost of Care received the most votes from our participants in the Data & Technology Region. While (14) Total Cost of Care brought its all to the competition, (3) Price Transparency secured a narrow win with 3 votes from the Selection Committee in Round 1. 

However, (3) Price Transparency did not receive continued support from the Selection Committee in Round 2 and was taken down by (11) Remote Patient Monitoring. (8) SDOH ranked second among the participants, landing 14% of the votes. While the Selection Committee was divided, (1) Platform secured a 3-2 win against (8) SDOH in Round 2. 

Finally, (6) Telehealth was tied for third place by the participants, but did not receive enough support from the Selection Committee in Round 1 to move forward. On the other hand, (12) Population Health Analytics secured a win against (4) Artificial Intelligence in Round 2 and landed a spot in the Round of 16 bracket. 

What trends and matchups have surprised you so far? Have you predicted which trend will reign supreme, earning the title of Top Healthcare Trend of 2022? Join us over on LinkedIn to share your thoughts, and mark your calendars for Thursday, March 24 as we reveal the final eight trends!

This is commentary from our 2022 March Healthcare Classic. Explore this year’s interactive bracket to see the most impactful healthcare trends face off.