Apr 04, 2024

Welcome to the finals! 

The 2024 March Healthcare Classic has been a jaw-dropping tournament, with plot twists and stunners galore! No one could have predicted that we would arrive at the Round of 4 with three rookies, two Cinderellas and just one holdover trend. 

Most telling of all is that three of our Round of 4 teams are consumer-centric, a whispery pattern last year that has truly exploded this year. Committee Members have called patients “by far the largest payer,” and a “shadow force” that under the right conditions, could completely revolutionize healthcare. Those conditions just may be upon us, folks. The tension is rising, and the decibels in this arena are ear-splitting!  

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Lasting Effects of GLP1s Takes Out Focus on Women’s Health

Unbelievable! Despite the superhuman strength of Focus on Women’s Health (5), which lost only one vote in the first three rounds, Lasting Effects of GLP1s (8) proved just what a colossus it is in a 4-0 shellacking by the apparently invincible number eight seed. 

Although women’s health was called by one Committee Member as “the” issue of the decade, the same member shared a statistic from a recent survey of people with employers that do not offer coverage for GLP1 medications: 20% of respondents are “likely” or “very likely” to change jobs just to gain coverage.  

GLP1s have fundamentally changed the practice of medicine in many ways, and its potential to seismically alter healthcare and other industries – and soon – is nothing short of astonishing. 

Moving on to the Championship Game is the Lasting Effects of GLP1s, a trend that came out of nowhere and is sweeping this tournament!

Evolution of Medicare Advantage Snuffs Out Lights on Expansion of Self-Care

Lights out for this Cinderella. With all its promise and wonder, the Expansion of Self-Care (8) could not ultimately be the David to the tournament Goliath, the Evolution of Medicare Advantage (1). The reach of Medicare Advantage is massive, to put it mildly, and anytime this giant so much as turns around, the ground trembles.

Expansion of Self-Care suffered a rash of injuries during previous rounds that weakened their bench. Having to go into overtime against every opponent ultimately took its toll on this young team, but their courage has been a heart-warming sight to behold. Was their presence in this tournament a fluke? Only time will tell.

Congratulations to the Evolution of Medicare Advantage on its second trip to the Championship! 


Boom. Here we are at the Championship Game: In one corner, a likely contender, a three-time top regional seed that came this close to the title two years ago. And in the other corner, a highly unlikely challenger, an eight-seed upstart with zero experience and no tournament history. Neither has given up a single point in the tournament, sweeping their opponents 4-0 in every round. This is the kind of game we live for at the March Healthcare Classic, and we’re honored to host these two teams.

Evolution of Medicare Advantage took an early strong lead, with the Selection Committee allowing that more than 30 million Americans are covered under these plans, representing more than half of all Medicare members. The trend sunk a series of free throws when the Selection Committee highlighted current influential factors that include a regulatory environment that is constraining the profitability of these plans alongside unconstrained healthcare costs – a recipe for significant negative upheaval. 

Lasting Effects of GLP1s made a thrilling comeback after the half, with Committee Members speculating on the extraordinary potential effects of this breakthrough class of drug. The impact of GLP1s extends far beyond improvement for diabetes and obesity-related diseases. This drug has the power to not only improve mental and emotional health for individuals, but also create positive economic effects for households, employers, and various sectors including food, transportation, apparel, and more. The breadth of positive outcomes makes this trend a powerhouse finalist.  

“So much stands to improve due to this class of drugs – and it’s working; it’s not just an idea.”

Tied at the end of regulation play, the tournament achieved true perfection when the championship game went into overtime. The fans are losing their minds!

In overtime, Lasting Effects of GLP1s clung to life as Committee Members considered how long America has been struggling with obesity as a challenge for individuals, a social determinant of health, a major risk factor for expensive diseases, and an economic drag. Its status as a truly remarkable breakthrough propelled it for one last basket at the buzzer, toppling Evolution of Medicare Advantage 3-1. 

“The diseases that follow chronic obesity are ravaging this country – so much human suffering.”

Will Lasting Effects of GLP1s be back next year? Certainly, the overall sentiment throughout the tournament was a resounding yes, but as the winning bench and its euphoric fans swarmed the floor, a small bit of cynicism crept in. As fast and furious as this young team ascended to the throne, there was some concern that the trend is vulnerable to injury, which could play a major role in the near future. “We are one significant side effect from this whole thing collapsing,” said one Committee member.

Congratulations, Lasting Effects of GLP1s, on claiming the title of March Healthcare Classic Champion!

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